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Differences Winners and Losers

Every man must have felt a failure, disappointment or like. But every human being has a different response from the failure event. Unlike a winner and loser is their attitude in responding to these failures. The winner is not a person who never felt a failure, but they were able to bounce back from this failure and its failure to make the event as a valuable lesson. They were able to overcome the heavy pressure from the failure event.

Here are some tips to overcome the failures that we experience:
Try to do something positive
Try to divert your mind by keeping busy doing things that are positive. For example swept yard, watering the plants in the garden, read books of interest, and so forth. Do the actions in which you are master of your life. Do something worthwhile for others. Help others. Serve others. Then see how you can be useful and can help others. After that thinks and merenunglah moment how you can provide many benefits and can help many people, it's time you help YOURSELF!

Failure to accepted and recognized
No need to find a scapegoat to blame as the cause failure. The past, situations, environments or parents are not faktor2 dominant cause of failure (small possibility). We are themselves liable for any failure of occurred. Blame the situation or someone else is just an attempt to running away from reality. The most sensible step is to accept it as fact and we must admit kegagalan2
it. Only by acknowledging and accept, the burden due to failure will feel lighter and we will soon be ready for leaving a failure ..

Failure is not a reason to stop
Is there a direct babies able to walk normally? Each baby had experienced falls while learning to walk. What makes the baby eventually able to walk normally is persistence to never stop trying to walk in spite of often collapsed. Make yourself like a baby just learning to walk, fall / fail is the learning process until you actually succeed. The important thing is not how many times we fall but how mentally strong we are to then rise again after the fall of it.

Failure is a valuable lesson
The wise man said, 'Failure is the most valuable lessons' .. So do not just regretted and mourned, learn from the failures that you experience. Learn why you fail. So the next time you can be more careful in each action. Past and failure will not happen again to yourself. It is said that dumb ass celebrity was never fell for the second time into the same hole. Moreover, human reply Traffic blessed to learn. We can intersting lessons from each failure we wrote that alami.Seorang bussinesman failed when starting a business can learn and evaluate failure. A driver who lost can learn from the defeat so that when the next race can experience victory. So we can learn from the failures experienced to later become a lesson not to be repeated.

The conclusion
Even if you do not give up by failure!! success may not be obtained with a single cause, but a series of hard work, learning and continuous effort. Success is not only the ability factors alone, more than that perseverance and patience are the most dominant factor. so ... keep the spirit and do not forget to keep trying and berdooa
Hopefully helpful

and your brother roni successful greetings
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